Cost of Tooth Whitening

Anyone who’s looking to renew the look of their smile is naturally curious about teeth whitening cost. Like any other dental procedure, tooth whitening can cost a pretty penny. As you will learn in a minute, several factors are implicated in computing the cost of treatment. However, those of you that are embarrassed by your yellow or otherwise discolored teeth will find that the price is well worth it. You should weigh your financial situation against the how much your unsightly teeth have affected your personal and professional life to determine whether to move forward.

Your geographical location has some bearing on what price you should expect pay. Cosmetic dentists in some areas offer the procedure for a reduced cost (e.g. rural areas), while dentists in areas like Beverly Hills cater to more high-paying clientele. Nevertheless, location can have a drastic effect on your pocket book. The type of whitening treatment you choose also dictates the final cost. Teeth whitening prices will range from high to low, depending on the effectiveness of a particular procedure. This doesn’t mean that affordable treatment is ineffective. Rather, inexpensive whitening is for those with limited financial resources that want to rejuvenate their smile with the limited resources they have. Most whitening procedures done by a professional cosmetic dentist tend to start at $150+ per arch. Again, this may not accurately reflect what you may be charged. Dental insurance will not offset this cost in any way as the procedure is entirely elective. Although there is some debate on the overall health effect of a white smile as it relates to confidence and self-esteem, treatment is still not covered under most policies.

Sometimes outrageous costs discourage people from seeking the services of a cosmetic dentist, and instead encourage them to seek at home treatments. You can reap substantial savings by following this same path. However, you need to remember that the results of such a treatment aren’t always as magnificent. At home kits and whitening toothpastes offer consumers with limited discoloration a perfect alternative. Professional whitening is often not necessary for these consumers. However, for those with more severely stained or darkened teeth, professional assistance is strongly recommended. You should choose what whitening method you want to utilize depending on the sort of money you have available and an assessment of the current state of your smile. If there is only minor discoloration, moving forward might be cause more harm than good. Some of the disconcerting symptoms that can manifest after whitening include tooth sensitivity. Thus, unless you want to experience such discomfort its best to avoid treatment unless deemed absolutely necessary.

It should now be evident that tooth whitening cost is influenced by a variety of different factors, some which we can control, and others which we can’t. There are a plethora of different and equally effective whitening treatments available to consumers, each with their individual merits. Consumers should explore each of their options to determine which would suit them best before opting to go with a specific one.

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