The Need and Benefits of the Deep Cleaning of Teeth

You may be wondering if getting your annual deep cleaning of teeth is really worth the price tag and hassle. But choosing to skip a deep clean is much more serious of decision than simply saving a couple of dollars. A deep clean is the time when you can shed plaque build ups and get your teeth checked by a professional. So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to go to your next dental check up, consider the following.

Why Deep Clean?

The reasons behind deep cleaning are simple: home brushing isn’t enough. Even though you may be brushing two times a day, your toothbrush cannot remove hardened plaque, tartar, and stains. When you go see a dentist to get your teeth deep cleaned, a dentist or dental hygienist can get a good look at every single tooth in your mouth while they remove hardened build ups. What can your dentist do that you cannot?

- Remove hard stains, tartar and plaque with a periodontal scalar

- Use a dental pick to remove obstructions that have formed between teeth

- A dentist planes and scales teeth (cleaning between gums and teeth down to the roots)

- Polish teeth using a rotating mandrel that smoothes teeth while keeping the gums safe

- See all angles of your smile and gum line using a dental mirror

- Administer fluoride treatments

It is possible to do most of this type of cleaning at home with the right tools and know how, but it’s a dentist who will ultimately do the best for your smile. After all, a dentist has gone through intensive training in order to be put in charge of your oral health. Often, a dentist will also be able to find problems you didn’t know you had. Some less common methods of deep cleaning, such as planing and scaling, can even be harmful if done at home. For this cleaning technique, a dentist uses either a metal or ultrasonic tool to clean down to the roots of the teeth of only the patients who are predisposed to gum disease. If done improperly, this type of cleaning can lead to infection or illness. Done correctly, planing and scaling can prevent gum disease and remove deep tartar.

Other Benefits of a Dentist’s Cleaning

Removing stains and tartar aren’t the only reasons to see a dentist, though. During your cleaning, a dentist will be able to find complications with your teeth and bite that you may not be able to feel yet. For example, most dentists will check for cavities during a cleaning. Regular deep cleans can also help prevent oral cancer as the dentist checks for any abnormalities in your mouth. Your dentist will also be able to catch and treat gum disease early, one of the number one contributors to adult tooth loss. Still need convincing that deep cleaning is good for your teeth? Regular dentist cleanings can help brighten your smile but up to two shades.

How Often Should I See the Dentist?

Generally, you should see a dentist for a deep cleaning of your teeth at least twice a year as recommended by the American Dental Association. Those with dental fixtures such as retainers or implants should see a dentist more often to ensure that these appliances are in tact and healthy.

Deep Cleanings Shouldn’t Be Ignored

If you’re been questioning whether or not to go to the dentist for an annual deep cleaning of teeth, understand just how important this procedure is. Not only can you remover tartar and stains that could lead to cavities, you dentist can also check to make sure your mouth is healthy and complication free.

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